Evaluation Capacity & Planning

Evaluation Capacity Building, the process of improving a client’s ability to use evaluation to learn from its work and improve results, is a potent form of continuous improvement. Indikus equips clients with skills and systems to interpret and use findings. We also help clients develop evaluation plans.

Evaluation Capacity & Planning

Indikus helps clients formalize and communicate program ideas to sponsors and stakeholders, determine how to best evaluate the program, and plan for evaluation roles.  These activities, all part of a process called evaluability, are crucial activities for developing evaluation plans.

Our Evaluation Capacity Building and Planning projects have included:

  • Helping clients set program goals
  • Preparing Stakeholder Engagement Plans
  • Conducting Needs Assessments
  • Developing Custom Evaluation Systems
  • Delivering Technical Assistance & Training
  • Writing and Editing Proposals
  • Planning for Program Scale-Up
  • Collecting Stakeholder Feedback

Indikus begins evaluation capacity building by understanding your organization’s information needs, and then working with existing systems and personal to create user-friendly actionable feedback.