Ohio Deans Compact

Effectiveness study
of Ohio’s dual-licensure
(regular & special) education
teacher education program.

The Ohio Deans Compact for Exception Children hired Indikus to lead
an impact study of a statewide program that was designed to better
meet the needs of students. The study will determine
whether dual licensure is effective.




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uses solutions-oriented approaches, robust methods, and flexibility in cost and scope to meet each client’s needs.

Our program evaluations help stakeholders know whether their training programs are on track, are meeting the needs of the organization and learners, and have any room for improvement. Indikus is your premier resource for program improvement.

We Specialize in Evaluating K-12, Higher Education, and Adult Training Programs

  • Higher Education Curricula
  • Principal and Teacher In-service
  • K-12 Education Programs
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Online and Hybrid Courses
  • Career and Technical Training
  • Technical Assistance
  • Coaching Initiatives
  • Continuing Education Programs

Indikus services are oriented to a single mission:

Indikus is committed to improving education programs by delivering user-focused, relevant, and credible feedback to help stakeholders recognize which aspects of their programs are working, which need attention, and how to position available resources and realities to enhance the value and impact of the programs.

Comprehensive Program Evaluation
Drawing on a repertoire of models and research methods, Indikus works with education and training stakeholders to improve programs that are being implemented and to assess program outcomes.
Evaluation Partnerships
Get the leadership and technical support your team needs to succeed. From strategic alliances to long-term partnerships, we deliver high quality evaluation services on time.
Evaluation Capacity & Planning
Are you considering a new evaluation or planning a new program? Our Evaluation Capacity & Planning services can help you establish strategic goals, identify measurable elements, improve programming, and formulate solutions.