Program Evaluation

Credible Program Evaluation Approaches

Accurate, thorough, credible, and useful program evaluations enhance programs and the organizations in which they are being used. Indikus works collaboratively with clients to select the right evaluation approach, scope, and methods to meet your needs.

indikus program evaluation cycle graph

We draw on decades of experience, continuous professional development in program evaluation methods, and the right software tools to offer rigorous, responsive, and useful research studies. Our program evaluation services include:

  • Baseline Studies
  • Pre-evaluation planning
  • Capacity Assessment
  • Exploratory Studies & Case Studies
  • Formative & Process Evaluation
  • Meta-evaluation (evaluating program evaluations)
  • Mixed Methods Program Evaluation
  • Participatory Program Evaluation
  • Needs Assessment & Feasibility Studies
  • Outcome Program Evaluation
  • Social Impact Studies & Social Return on Investment

Actionable Analysis

Findings don't speak for themselves; they must be interpreted sensibly. We ensure that clients receive meaningful program evaluation results that can be translated into plans and actions.