Do you Need Help Getting Ready for a Program Evaluation?

Indikus helps organizations prepare for program evaluations. Among our pre-evaluation services are helping organizations develop evaluation plans for internal evaluations, vetting external program evaluators, and writing robust evaluation plans for grant proposals.

We can help you determine which aspects of your program are most likely to bring about specific, desired changes and how you may best determine the extent to which that change actually occurs.

To help prepare organizations for program evaluations, we use process maps, logic modeling, and rubrics to clarify thinking about what is measurable, what is most meaningful to measure, how it should be measured, and for whom.  This process, often called evaluability, may be a vital step to winning new grants, improving programs, and measuring the extent to which desired outcomes are reached.

Here are some of our pre-evaluation services:

  • Grant writing
  • Evaluation design & SOW
  • Logic modeling
  • Needs assessment
  • Pilot studies
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Critical success factor identification
  • Program manager coaching
  • Team-building
  • Performance measures
Plan and prepare for internal and external evluations