Do You Need Help Reviewing a New or Existing Evaluation?

Indikus performs meta-evaluations, audits, and reviews of program evaluations and research projects. Meta-evaluations (or evaluation of evaluations) is in increasingly high demand.

This is an especially valuable service to agencies, nonprofits, and organizations that choose to perform evaluations of their programs internally, since it helps them address questions about neutrality, rigor, and credibility through an assessment by a neutral, third party.

We review evaluation plans, activities, processes, procedures, analyses, and reports.  Guided by 21 years of experience in program evaluation and adherence to American Evaluation Association approved standards, we help organizations meet funder, governing body, and external stakeholder requirements while also helping to strengthen their evaluations. Contact us and discover what our program evaluation services can do for your organization.

The Program Evaluation Standards

This kind of review is also helpful in resolving or alleviating situations in which evaluators and program staff disagree about the quality or accuracy of findings.

To conduct meta-evaluations, we use with a checklist based on the Program Evaluation Standards that covers all aspects of an evaluation. We then work in collaboration with program leaders to determine which checkpoints are most important to gauge, how they should be measured, and how reports will be shared.