Ohio Deans CompactIn partnership with faculty from the University of Cincinnati, Indikus was hired to lead an exploratory study of the Ohio Dean’s Compact on Exceptional Children incentive grant that includes the development, deployment and institutionalization of a statewide dual licensure (intervention specialist and a general education content area) degree program in Ohio.  The Dean’s Compact requested that a study be conducted to gauge the implementation of the dual licensure program across 12 colleges and universities in the state of Ohio, identify barriers to offering the program as planned, and identify and describe potential outcomes stemming from the program (in preparation for a longitudinal outcomes study).

The study is guided by three research questions:

  1. College graduates in cap and gown holding their diplomas.How do faculty members involved in the incentive grant education units describe the impact of the work?
  2. What perceived changes in outlook do faculty members in the incentive grant education units attribute to the incentive grant that took place within their units?
  3. Following the incentive grant work, how do faculty members now operationalize the construct “effective beginning teacher”?

Indikus is responsible for directing the study, including establishing the mixed methods research design, developing and administering the thematic analysis database, coordinating with faculty and other participants, and leading formal report production.  In addition to interviews with program graduates, the study involves interviews with more than 50 faculty members and administrators representing all Ohio institutions of higher education that are either currently offering or that plan to soon offer the dual licensure program.