ICF hired Indikus’ CEO as the Principal Investigator for an evaluation of the Southeastern Economic and Education Leadership Consortium (SEELC), a $12,700,000 US Department of Labor grant-funded program. SEELC offers courses of study in manufacturing fields that are geared to dislocated workers. The funder required an evaluation of the six colleges’ development and delivery of courses in machining, welding, and related fields. ICF sought a technical leader who could ensure the components of the complex, four-year project met Standards and were integrated.

weldingThe evaluation consisted of both a mixed methods study of SEELC’s implementation and a longitudinal, quasi-experimental outcome study that examined assessment and wage data. In addition to generating credible reports on Department of Labor progress and outcome indicators, the team adopted a utilization-focused evaluation approach to deliver feedback to program stakeholders at each college.

Indikus enhanced the evaluation’s technical quality by participating in instrumentation and analyses, ensuring evaluators meet Program Evaluation Standards, and conducting an internal metaevaluation. In addition, Indikus facilitated sense-making and planning sessions among stakeholders. Indikus worked with SEELC leadership, monitoring each college’s progress through a custom dashboard indicator system.

Client Comment

Dr. Sturges is the consummate project evaluation professional. He is diligent about collecting data and insists on developing outlines, custom reports, and visual aids to give a very helpful presentation of that data. Most importantly to us, Keith always indicates the practical applications his work has for our colleges and insight into program sustainability.


– Brandon Walters, Director, SEELC