rxtnTechnical Leadership for the Evaluation of Roane State Community College’s Prescription for Healthcare in Tennessee ICF hired Indikus’ CEO as Principal Investigator of the 4-year evaluation of RxTN, a US Department of Labor grant-funded program. Involving 40 colleges, RxTN was conceived to prepare adults in high needs health care fields. The grant required outcomes and formative evaluations. To better serve RxTN’s stakeholders, ICF wanted a local evaluator with leadership experience, facilitation skills, and qualitative research expertise.

nurseThe evaluation—a blended design with a quasi-experimental outcomes study and a mixed methods formative study—generated actionable and defensible analyses. While ICF led the outcome study, Indikus monitored the evaluation’s technical quality, led an implementation study, and generated a multiple case study analysis of one curriculum. Indikus and ICF also co-facilitated stakeholder brainstorming and feedback sessions.

Indikus reviewed instrumentation and analyses, conducted a stakeholder needs assessment, and coordinated the formative study with ICF’s outcome study. With Indikus’ support, the evaluation was completed within budget, ahead of schedule, and with outstanding recommendations from the client.

Client Comment

ICF and Indikus functioned continuously and seamlessly as both an independent analyst and valued advisor in their role as third-party evaluators of the RX Tennessee Grant. Their collective integrity, experience and professionalism is of the highest order that I have experienced in my over 35 years of business and educational program management experience.


– Jack Parker, Director, RxTN