kentucky_department_of_educationIndikus has delivered evaluations to the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) for a decade. Serving more than 173 school districts, KDE implements policy and supports districts to provide teachers appropriate professional development. Indikus has served KDE on three evaluation and planning initiatives:

  • Evaluation of School Audit and Review Process —Indikus conducted a mixed methods evaluation of the state’s School Audit and Review Process.  Our team developed and administered a statewide survey, conducted interviews with school teams, developed case studies, and reported findings to the Governor’s Executive Cabinet. Findings were used to update state policy so that the process would ensure school personnel received useful feedback and follow up support.
  • Small Learning Communities Evaluation—Indikus evaluated a professional learning community (PLC) pilot program being used in three schools. Using surveys, interviews, and observations, we collected data to determine the PLCs’ impact on teachers’ use of data to select appropriate student academic supports. The agency used evaluation reports to report outcomes to the sponsor agency (the US Department of Education) and to offer other schools guidance on developing and implementing PLCs.
  • Logistics for the Commissioner’s Education Reform Plan—Indikus helped align KDE’s multiple school improvements with the education commissioner’s vision. Through interviews and surveys with KDE officials and school district staff and a review of KDE’s resource allocation, Indikus developed a dynamic process model illustrating that was used to coordinate delivery of KDE’s Professional Development Network and its monitoring system.

Our work with the KDE continues with the Appalachia Regional Comprehensive Center.

Indikus’ CEO served on KDE’s Professional Learning Taskforce, collaborating with teachers, administrators, and university faculty to plan an evaluation for KDE’s professional development support system. The taskforce’s recommendations guided state policy.

Client Comment

The Indikus team has a keen sense of connecting research to practice when working with educators. They provided several contributions to various projects which sparked innovation. Their ability to listen and translate ideas into concrete expectations and outcomes was and continues to be greatly appreciated.


– Felicia Cumings-Smith, Associate Commissioner, KDE