acp_badge_127Indikus assisted the American College of Physicians, a 148,000-member practitioner association. ACP was especially interested in understanding and better serving the needs of its diverse members. Indikus carried out an evaluation and planning project that included gathering member feedback,assessing organizational capacity, and facilitating a four-year strategic plan.

Indikus carried out the project in two stages: (1) an evaluation of ACP’s members’ satisfaction and (2) a planning process (see figure for details).

As an outcome of the project, ACP increased its ability to fulfill its mission and, moreover, achieved all its goals within the four-year period. In addition, ACP continued to use the system for collecting and interpreting member feedback for continuous improvement. Consequently, ACP has become a more sought-after professional association for internal medicine specialists.

Client Comment

The planning process was instrumental in an efficiently and minimally painful group discovery and consensus process leading us to a set of strategic goals. I do not doubt based on our experience with Indikus, the governor who succeeds me will ask them back to do the next major revision of our plan.


– Richard Lane, MD, ACP Governor

ACP Project Details

Organizational Evaluation—The evaluation gauged ACP’s capacity and member satisfaction with association benefits and services. Indikus designed and administered a survey to a stratified sample of members, conducted in-depth interviews with a sample of stakeholders, and collected financial and program documents. Analyses detected members’ priority needs, pinpointed factors affecting membership and member engagement, gauged staffing capacity, and assessed the value of ACP’s continuing medical education offerings.

Program Planning—Indikus used evaluation findings to facilitate a planning process with ACP’s board of directors. Among the topics identified as priorities were healthcare policy updates, public health needs, new physician mentoring, enhancing CME, and improving social media presence. The priorities were articulated as long-term goals and associated initiatives and measurable objectives were created. The process also entailed garnering commitment from key leaders and allocating resources to implement the plan.