Indikus is the metaevaluator for the Appalachia Regional Comprehensive Center (ARCC), a program that builds state education agencies’ capacity to support school districts. An internal evaluation provides formative and outcome reports. Indikus was hired to ensure the evaluation is conducted according to standards and plan, and that it adds value to ARCC’s stakeholders.

Indikus developed and, in collaboration with the ARCC director, published the Responsive Meta-Evaluation (RME), an eight-step model that directs both a comprehensive review and an organized process for improving the evaluation. Specifically, by combining constructive critiques and deliberative decision-making, the RME model is designed to strengthen the internal evaluation’s methods and instrumentation, build evaluation capacity, and ensure that its reporting and feedback are meeting the needs of technical assistance staff, sponsors, and ARCC leadership.

In its sixth year, the Indikus metaevaluation has helped the ARCC’s key stakeholders identify priority growth areas, negotiate the strategic purposes for the internal evaluation, gather and utilize input from all program stakeholders, and improve the clarity and usefulness of feedback reports.

Client Comment

Indikus’ meta-evaluation services have strengthened our internal evaluation considerably, from improving our overall design to helping us use evaluation findings meaningfully for program improvement. In addition, he’s a terrific colleague—insightful, articulate, responsive, conscientious, and always thinking deeply about the work at hand.


– Caitlin Howley, Ph.D., ARCC Director

RME Model

Step 1: Identify Stakeholders and Reporting Needs

Step 2: Explore Stakeholder- Defined Issues

Step 3: Set Collective Expectations

Step 4: Formalize and Implement the Meta-Evaluation

Step 5: Collect Meta-Evaluation Data

Step 6: Analyze and Report Findings

Step 7: Facilitate Deliberation & Planning Process

Step 8: Refine the Evaluation

Source: Sturges, K.M. & Howley, C. (2016). Responsive Meta-evaluation: A Participatory Approach to Enhancing Evaluation Quality. American Journal of Evaluation.