hillsboro_county_public_schoolsHillsborough County Public Schools, one of the nation’s largest school districts, hired Indikus to evaluate its instructional leadership training program over four years. Funded through a state grant, LEAP UP was designed to equip senior instructional leaders to plan and deliver targeted professional learning to all 250 principals. HCPS requested a utilization-focused evaluation of LEAP UP’s implementation and model to continuously improve the program and an evaluation of the program’s impact on schools.

High School students in a classroom, listening to their instructorIndikus designed the evaluation to provide targeted feedback that could be used to guide model and delivery improvements, while also gauging outcomes. Using mixed methods (interviews, observations, survey, lead indicators), Indikus is conducting the evaluation in phases corresponding with LEAP UP’s delivery:

  1. Strategic professional development needs assessment and goal-setting
  2. Externally-provided coaching and modeling for instructional leadership
  3. Instructional leadership delivery of principal professional development
  4. Instructional leadership monitoring and provision of individual principal PD needs

Indikus delivers analysis briefs, quarterly analysis reports, and comprehensive reports to share findings about LEAP UP’s process that pinpoint areas in greatest need of improvement and report on outcomes on principal capacity. The district is using evaluation findings to adjust LEAP UP’s model and to refine how leaders determine training needs and monitor progress. HCPS also used the findings to successfully win a larger grant award (for which they hired Indikus to conduct the evaluation).

Client Comment

Indikus provided us with tools that helped us improve grant implementation and data tracking. Their knowledge of program evaluation and program improvement was such a benefit to our district.  The reports they produced were clear, thorough, and truly captured the fidelity of implementation of project components.


– Tricia McManus, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Leadership and Professional Development