the_circle_centerCircle Center Consulting, LLC (CCC) hired Indikus to create an internal evaluation system for the center’s flagship method, the Circle process. The process is designed to help organizations improve work climate. CCC’s leadership needed a system that would enable its staff to monitor Circle formatively and accurately assess its impact.

The project entailed interactive logic modeling with CCC leaders to articulate Circle’s Theory of Action, the development of scoring rubrics that represent Circles’ progress, and a set of orchestrated instruments (survey, interview, observation) that the_circle_center_2aligned with the process’ desired outcomes to measure Circle progress and effect.

The evaluation capacity building project helped CCC develop a sequence of measurement tools and procedures for its staff could use without external assistance. The company began using the system to monitor progress and make mid-course corrections. Circle also used the materials to demonstrate value to current and potential clients.

Client Comment

Indikus, with our input, developed a feasible sequence of measurement processes that helped coordinate our internal evaluation. We highly recommend Indikus.


– Tracy Roberts, CEO & Co-Founder, Circle Center Consulting, LLC