The U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) funding for the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) program provided two-year colleges with funds to expand and improve career pathway programs that target workers affected by foreign trade as well as other un- and under-employed adults.  The Advance Your Career in Health Care – Southwest Tennessee Community College (ADVANCE Southwest) program is focused on creating employment opportunities in nursing, emergency medical technician, and paramedics fields.   ADVANCE Southwest requires a comprehensive, third-party evaluation to both assist stakeholders in developing and bringing about sustainable career pathway programs and that assesses the impact of these programs.  Indikus is partnering with ICF to conduct the external evaluation, where ICF leads the outcomes study and Indikus leads the implementation study and provides overall technical leadership for the evaluation.

Paramedics putting a car accident victim onto a stretcher.

Indikus is drawing on multiple sources of qualitative and quantitative data to produce an in-depth assessment of program implementation.  Specifically, Indikus is responsible for conducting in-depth interviews with program staff and faculty, institutional partners, and employers and onsite focus groups with students enrolled in ADVANCE Southwest programs to address pertinent evaluation questions drawn from USDOL reporting requirements and project-specific components.  In addition to traditional evaluation reports, Indikus delivers planning documents (e.g., SWOT analyses), a Continuous Improvement Plan, and facilitated sessions with the evaluation’s primary intended users.  In addition, the implementation study is being used to better understand observed outcomes that are generated through student pass rates, certification exam results, employment rates, and wage increases.