word_farmers_associationWordFarmers Associates subcontracted Indikus to collect data for a University of Dayton School of Education and the Health Sciences Grant Center study on special education policy. The study included a survey of Special Education Directors at all Ohio schools to measure the quality of training, resources, and services available to schools serving students with sensory disabilities. WordFarmers needed assistance in reaching a 50% response rate on the survey.

To help WordFarmers boost the survey’s response rate, for this short-turnaround project, Indikus employed systematic, professional, and persistent procedures to collect and record data. Upon project kickoff, Indikus promptly developed an internal process for data collection, data cleaning, and weekly progress reporting to WordFarmers. Within a period of a few months, Indikus helped WordFarmers reach its response rate objectives. Moreover, the data were collected according to WordFarmers’ specification and protocols, within budget, and on time.

Client Comment

The Indikus team is responsive, methodical, detail-oriented, and professionally persistent. The staff were particularly helpful in guiding our conceptualization of the work, thereby increasing its efficiency and results. Should the need arise, we would not hesitate to hire Indikus again.


– Aimee Howley, Ph.D., Co-Owner, WordFarmers Associates