FLICC LogoData Collection with Education Agency Executives for the Florida and the Islands Regional Comprehensive Center Technical Assistance Program Evaluation McREL International hired Indikus to collect data for a technical assistance (TA) program.

mecpaFLICC provided TA to the Puerto Rico Department of Education to build its capacity to support school districts. For instance, MECPA, a system-wide professional learning community was designed to deliver learner-centered training. McREL requested assistance from an evaluator with expertise in TA programs and qualitative research in professional Spanish. Indikus conducted the interviews with high-ranking education agency personnel. The interviews were designed to provide insights into the extent to which technical assistance providers helped build the agency’s capacity and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Indikus translated protocols and consents from English to Spanish, conducted the interviews in Spanish during a single visit, translated and transcribed the interviews in English, collected informed consent forms and other documents, and provided a summary of notes within three business days. Over the four years Indikus has conducted the interviews, our aim has been to provide seamless professional service to McREL and deliver prompt and accurate data.

Client Comment

Indikus has become a part of our Puerto Rico ‘family’ and we know that we can always count on quality services from them. Without hesitation, I would recommend Indikus’ services to any company that is looking for skillful personnel and the professional personality that is instrumental instreamlining and facilitating completion of projects.


– Dr. Georgina Singletary-Rivera, FLICC