Ohio Deans CompactThe Ohio Dean’s Compact on Exceptional Children hired Indikus to conduct a developmental and formative evaluation of the LISD (Low Incidence Sensory Disabilities) Collaborative. This statewide multi-organizational joint effort was created to improve learning opportunities for children with sensory impairments in Ohio by supporting activities that meet critical personnel shortages, particularly in rural, hard-to-staff areas.  The Deans Compact requested a mixed methods external evaluation and strategic analysis that could address questions about the viability of the LISD Collaborative as a model.

A crowed of well dressed people, sitting in front of a projector screen.Indikus is carrying out a Utilization-Focused Evaluation to provide key stakeholders with detailed information that will be used to make programmatic decisions, define a medium-term strategic direction for the collaborative, and address implementation improvements.  Combining in-depth interviews with senior level administrators, faculty, regional facilitators, classroom educators, and other stakeholders with a review of program documents and state data, the evaluation is gathering information that will be used in a series of facilitated events to inform strategic decisions.