Indikus Team

The Indikus team brings to the table substantial experience in program evaluation, program improvement and design, progress monitoring, outcomes analysis, and organizational planning. Drawing on each team member’s strengths, we work collaboratively to offer high quality, relevant, and user-friendly analyses and reports.

Join the Indikus Team

Having the right people at Indikus is crucial to fulfilling our mission. We’re excited that you’ve decided to explore a career with us.
We employ evaluators, researchers, planners, and facilitators of superior talent, who possess proven track records, are confident of their abilities and are knowledgeable and adaptable to a wide spectrum of contexts. Our team members are the key to quality service.

Plan and prepare for internal and external evluations

Open Positions

We do not currently have any positions open. However, we are always looking for prospective team members. If you believe you might be a good match with our work and our team, send your resume to