Evaluation Partnerships

Partnering with Indikus can be a prudent means for evaluators who need additional support. Indikus works with firms and consultants to supply technical leadership, conduct evaluation components, review plans and instrumentation, and collect data.

Evaluation Partnership Workflow Infographic

Whether a strategic alliance for a multi-year project or a short-term data collection collaboration, Indikus delivers complementary skills to other evaluators to extend their methodological reach, maintain strong professional relations, and deliver exceptional evaluations on time and within budget.

Our evaluation partnerships have included:

  • Technical Leadership (Principal Investigator)
  • Evaluation Components (e.g., Implementation Studies)
  • Research Design and Review
  • Expanded Methodological Reach
  • Collection of Executive Leadership Interviews
  • Rapid Turnaround Telephone Surveys

Indikus works seamlessly with evaluation partner teams and other consultants to identify and leverage knowledge and resources.